Papers that I have published in academic journals and the popular press, as well as papers that have been issued in series of working papers, are listed here.

Philosophy Papers

“Poincaré, Sartre, Continuity and Temporality,” Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 37 (2006): 327-330. SSRN.

Legal Profession Papers: Academic Articles

“Responding to the Market: The Impact of the Rise of Corporate Law Firms on Elite Legal Education in India” (Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession Research Paper Number 2014-11, February 2014), (with Nicholas Robinson). SSRN.

“The Anatomy of Legal Recruitment in India: Tracing the Tracks of Globalization” (Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession Research Paper Number 2014-25, November 2014), (with Vikramaditya Khanna and Aditya Singh). SSRN.

“A Call for Blind Review: Student Edited Law Reviews and Bias,” Journal of Legal Education 59 (2009): 269-278. SSRN.

Legal Profession Papers: Op-Eds and Professional Journals

“Back to School,” India Business Law Journal, May 2014, 22.

“Envisioning Legal Education Reform,” Critical Twenties, Nov. 10, 2010, (with Aditya Singh).

“Don’t Confine Reforms to Elite Law Schools,” Tribune (Chandigarh, India), September 9, 2010, (with Aditya Singh).

“Writing Requirements, Student Assessment and Plagiarism in Indian Law Schools,” India Law News, Fall 2010, 12-15 (with Aditya Singh).

Copyright Papers

A.V. ex rel. Vanderhye v. iParadigms, LLC: Electronic Databases and the Compartmentalization of Fair Use,” IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review 50 (2010): 345-365. SSRN.

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