photo (1)I am presently a Ph.D. Candidate at the UCLA Department of Philosophy, where I have been studying since 2010. I am also an instructor at UCLA Extension, where I have taught since 2013, and I am affiliated with the Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies project of Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. Before graduate school, I completed my J.D. at Harvard Law School, graduating in 2010. I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and went to collegeĀ at Georgetown University.

My philosophical research focuses on ethics, legal and political philosophy, and aesthetics. My dissertation is about what it feels like to be free, why it’s important to feel that way, and what the value of feeling free means for philosophical conceptions of the good life and of moral agency. I also conduct research on the philosophical foundations of laws that encourage or discourage creativity (including copyright law), the political morality of nudges, and the aesthetics of games.

In addition to my philosophical research, I am an expert on legal education in South Asia, and I occasionally write and publish empirical research on legal education and the legal profession.

The background photo above is of Mt. Tom, outside of Bishop, CA, one of the places where I sometimes climb rocks.