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Teaching Evaluations:

Numerical Teaching Evaluations from All Courses Taught as Primary Instructor or TA

Complete Student Comments from Courses Taught as Primary Instructor

Complete Student Comments from Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant

Complete Original Institutional PDFs of Teaching Evaluations

Syllabi from All Courses Designed and Taught as Primary Instructor:

Philosophy in Literature (lower-division course) (taught Spring 2018)

Medical Ethics (upper-division course) (taught Summer 2016)

Philosophy of Law (upper-division course) (taught Summer 2017 and Fall 2018)

Critical Thinking (general education course) (taught Spring 2018)

Philosophy of Popular Art (upper-division topics course) (taught Summer 2016)

Contemporary Moral Issues (online lower-division course) (taught Fall 2015)



Moral Responsibility and Free Will (online upper-division course) (most recently taught Spring 2016)

Nietzsche, Husserl, Freud (upper-division course) (taught Summer 2015)


Paternalism (upper-division topics course) (taught Summer 2014)

Nudges (one credit advanced undergraduate honors seminar) (taught Summer 2014)

Philosophy of Disembodiment (interdisciplinary lower-division seminar) (taught Spring 2017)

Syllabi for Proposed Courses:

Introduction to Political Philosophy (lower-division course)

Introduction to Ethical Theory (writing-intensive lower-division gateway course)

Democratic Authority (upper-division course)

Artistic Creativity, Genius, and Novelty (graduate seminar or upper-division seminar)

Integrity and the Self (graduate seminar or upper-division seminar)

Introduction to Constitutional Law and Theory (upper-division politics or legal studies course)

Gender and Social Justice (upper-division course)

Legal Theory (upper-division course)

Business Ethics (upper-division or graduate course)

Full Teaching Portfolio:

Teaching Portfolio