My research explores ways in which ethical and political theory can be enriched by attending to experiences of spontaneity, cultural participation, and artistic creativity. I draw on the phenomenology of these everyday experiences to inform central questions in value theory about freedom, action, creativity, and equality.

In Progress

‘Spontaneous Freedom’ [Draft of 1 January 2021]

‘Freedom beyond Choice’ [Draft of 31 December 2019]

‘Agency, Moral and Aesthetic’ [Draft of 4 June 2020]

‘Integrity and Spontaneity’ [Draft of 9 January 2021]

‘The Spontaneity of Genius: Kantian Genius Reconstructed’ [Draft of 9 January 2021]

‘Liberal Equality, Neutrality, and Culture’ (manuscript available on request)

‘Freedom, Perception, and Possibility in Mrs Dalloway’ (manuscript available on request)

‘Artificial Intelligence, Cultural Democracy, and Law’


‘Remixing Rawls: Constitutional Cultural Liberties in Liberal Democracies,’ Northeastern University Law Review, 2019 [abstract and published version-free access]

‘Freedom and the Value of Games,’ Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2018 [abstract and postprint] [published version]

‘A.V. ex rel. Vanderhye v. iParadigms, LLC: Electronic Databases and the Compartmentalization of Fair Use,’ IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 2010 [abstract and published version-free access]

‘A Call for Blind Review: Student Edited Law Reviews and Bias,’ Journal of Legal Education, 2009 [abstract and published version-free access]

Book Chapters

‘Responding to the Market: The Impact of the Rise of Corporate Law Firms on Elite Legal Education in India,’ co-authored with Nick Robinson, in The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization, 2017 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

‘The Anatomy of Legal Recruitment in India: Tracing the Tracks of Globalization,’ co-authored with Vikramaditya Khanna and Aditya Singh, in The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization, 2017 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

‘The Political Morality of Nudges in Healthcare,’ in Nudging Health: Health Law and Behavioral Economics, 2016 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

Discussions, critical notes, and reviews

‘Poincaré, Sartre, Continuity and Temporality,’ Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, 2006 [abstract and preprint] [published version]


Freedom’s Spontaneity [abstract] [dissertation]


Decolonising Jurisprudence Reading List: Resources for Revising Philosophy of Law Syllabi

Some projects in early stages of development

‘On Vanguardism’ [abstract]

‘Having Fun’ [abstract]