My research explores ways in which ethical and political theory can be enriched by attending to experiences of spontaneity, cultural participation, and artistic creativity. I draw on the phenomenology of these everyday experiences to inform central questions in value theory about freedom, action, creativity, and equality.

In Progress

‘Spontaneous Freedom’ [draft of 7 November 2021]

‘Stop Making Sense’ [draft of 12 October 2021]

‘Kantian Genius Reconstructed’ [draft of 14 January 2021]

‘Integrity and Spontaneity’ [draft of 9 January 2021]

The Spontaneity of Freedom (monograph)

‘Freedom beyond Choice’ (draft available on request)

‘Liberal Equality, Neutrality, and Culture’

‘Freedom, Perception, and Possibility in Mrs Dalloway

Philosophical Publications

‘Is Spotify Bad for Democracy? Artificial Intelligence, Cultural Democracy, and Law,’ Yale Journal of Law and Technology, forthcoming [abstract and draft of 21 March 2021]

‘Remixing Rawls: Constitutional Cultural Liberties in Liberal Democracies,’ Northeastern University Law Review, 2019 [abstract and published version-open access]

‘Freedom and the Value of Games,’ Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2018 [abstract and postprint] [published version]

‘The Political Morality of Nudges in Healthcare,’ in Nudging Health: Health Law and Behavioral Economics, 2016 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

‘Poincaré, Sartre, Continuity and Temporality,’ Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, 2006 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

Legal Publications

‘Responding to the Market: The Impact of the Rise of Corporate Law Firms on Elite Legal Education in India,’ co-authored with Nick Robinson, in The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization, 2017 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

‘The Anatomy of Legal Recruitment in India: Tracing the Tracks of Globalization,’ co-authored with Vikramaditya Khanna and Aditya Singh, in The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization, 2017 [abstract and preprint] [published version]

‘A.V. ex rel. Vanderhye v. iParadigms, LLC: Electronic Databases and the Compartmentalization of Fair Use,’ IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 2010 [abstract and published version-open access]

‘A Call for Blind Review: Student Edited Law Reviews and Bias,’ Journal of Legal Education, 2009 [abstract and published version-open access]


Freedom’s Spontaneity [dissertation]


Decolonising Jurisprudence Reading List: Resources for Revising Philosophy of Law Syllabi