Some Recent and Upcoming Talks:

‘A Surrealism-Based Approach to Freedom of Speech’, Workshop at Umeå University (In person), 16 June 2022.

‘Kantian Genius Reconstructed’, Playfulness in Philosophy Conference, King’s College London (In person), 4 May 2022.

‘The Freedom of Finitude’, Humanistic Ethics Workshop, Rice University (In person), 23 April 2022.

‘Liberal Equality, Neutrality, and Culture’, American Society for Aesthetics, Pacific Division (In person), 19 March 2022.

‘Beauvoir’s Groundwork’, Existentialism Seminar, University of California, Los Angeles (Online), 28 February 2022.

‘Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Democracy’, Center for Transnational Legal Studies Transnational Law Colloquium (In person), 27 January 2022.

‘Stop Making Sense’, Aesthetics and Ethics/Metaethics Seminar, University of Texas at Austin (In person), 8 December 2021.

Comments on David Owens’s Bound by Convention: Obligation and Social Rules, Manuscript Workshop, King’s College London (Hybrid), 16 September 2021.

‘Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Democracy’, MANCEPT Workshops: Governing AI (Online), 9 September 2021.

‘Statistical Fatalism, Prediction, and Freedom’, Colloquium on Stereotyping & Medical AI, King’s College London (Online), 29 July 2021.

‘Freedom, Perception, and Possibility in Mrs Dalloway’, Joint Session, University of Hertfordshire (Online), 16 July 2021.